House Designer v1.1405 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

House Designer
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Latest Version: 1.1405
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
Category: Simulators
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House Designer MOD (Unlimited Money) APK - Become a creative designer by furnishing and decorating your home to your liking.

Simulator where you can bring to life their thoughts on the design of various houses, as well as areas around them. Buy old, abandoned houses, repair and clean them, then furnish them with furniture and all kinds of decorations. Outdoors, plant a lawn and flowers, erect a gazebo, dig a pool and everything in that spirit. After all the manipulation, sell the finished property to make money.

For the received currency buy new objects and in them again show your imagination. Perform various tasks, open available items of furniture, fittings and decor, which here simply unrealistically a large number. Beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay, several different locations and many other features await you in the game.

House Designer

Download House Designer MOD APK for android

1) To install the full version of the game or mod need to download the APK through a browser, preferably using Google Chrome or another similar, because through the standard android browser download does not happen. Once downloaded, the file will be fixed in the notification bar, as well as saved in the Download folder of your device. Then a simple tap on the downloaded file will install it.

2) If you first install applications House Designer (Unlimited Money) not from Google Play (but with a file manager or browser), you must give permission to install from unknown sources.

3) To update you download the latest version from the site and without deleting the old version perform a new installation (i.e. over), so your progress (saving) will not be affected.

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