The Walking Dead: Survivors v3.7.2 MOD APK (Menu: God Mode | One Hit Kill)

The Walking Dead: Survivors
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Latest Version: 3.7.2
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
Category: Strategies
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The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD (Menu: God Mode | One Hit Kill) APK - Survive in a world filled with zombies in the Walking Dead universe.

Cool strategy based on The Walking Dead comics, where you and your favorite characters will build your settlement and fight the zombie. You have found a secluded place where you can settle in and try to live a normal life, but everything around is ruined, and behind the fence the dead are constantly arriving. Try to deal with it all by managing your resources, workers, and warriors wisely.

In this game every decision you make affects the course of events, the player will have to choose what to focus on, you can throw most of your forces to strengthen your village or engage more in the army to try to conquer all the territories. In addition, you have to either fight for sole domination or deal with issues diplomatically, cooperating with other clans and creating strong alliances.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

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