Adorable Home v1.22.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency and Hearts)

Adorable Home
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Latest Version: 1.22.6
Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
Category: Simulators
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Adorable Home MOD (Unlimited Currency/Hearts) APK - Very cute and unrealistically addictive life simulator, which will help have fun, a good rest and relax. Here you will have to equip at your will the house and the surrounding area, as well as breed funny cats, which will require good care and your love.

First you need to choose a character and his soulmate, customize their appearance, give them names, and go together to your own house. Along the way you will find a kitty Snowflake, take her with you to keep her happy and give you endless love. This love acts in the game as in-game currency, needed to buy furniture, jewelry and other items.

By taking care of your pets and giving time to your chosen one, you will replenish your heart, the more of them, the faster you can buy the required items. Don't forget to feed your pets, play with them, trim their claws, bathe them and entertain them in every way, do everything you can to make them feel needed and loved. The best moments can be captured on a camera and compiled from the resulting photos of their own album.

Adorable Home

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- Resources increase when you spent

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