Chicken Gun v3.0.03 b197 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Chicken Gun
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Latest Version: 3.0.03 b197
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
Category: Action and Shooters
Added | Modded: (androeed)
Views: 426830
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Chicken Gun MOD (Unlimited Money) APK - This is a dynamic online first-person shooter for Android with players from all over the world.

Take part in fun and dangerous competitions in teams of five on each side, where the characters you control will be the real roosters. It will be great to watch these cute chickens, but these birds are not as innocent as they may seem - they shoot like experienced soldiers in crazy cockfights!

Gameplay resembles the good old Counter-Strike, but with its own features and innovations. In numerous locations, you can find different weapons, equipment and even transport for movement. Use it all wisely to kill your enemies. Also don't forget to customize your hero, making him stand out among the others.

Chicken Gun

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