Roblox v2.561.358 MOD APK (Menu | Cheats + Many Features)

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Latest Version: 2.561.358
Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
Category: Adventure and RPG
Added | Modded: (modyolo)
Views: 2347140
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Roblox MOD (Menu | Cheats + Many Features) APK - Online game with a social component with the ability to make your own games.

The world's favorite social networking game, made in a Lego constructor setting. Create your own unique character, customize it to your liking, changing the appearance and wearing different outfits. When the image is ready go to the game world, which you can explore without limits and do there everything you want.

Interact with other characters, run interesting errands and quests, build your own unique city or even an entire universe. If construction doesn't interest you, you can simply load ready locations made by other players and enjoy the gameplay already in the ready world. You can buy a lot of interesting and useful things for the special currency - Robuxes.


Download Roblox MOD APK for android

Do not be afraid of trojan or virus warning, it's just a false positive notice because we add a lot of encryption inside this game.

1) To install the full version of the game or mod need to download the APK through a browser, preferably using Google Chrome or another similar, because through the standard android browser download does not happen. Once downloaded, the file will be fixed in the notification bar, as well as saved in the Download folder of your device. Then a simple tap on the downloaded file will install it.

2) If you first install applications Roblox (Menu | Cheats + Many Features) not from Google Play (but with a file manager or browser), you must give permission to install from unknown sources.

3) To update you download the latest version from the site and without deleting the old version perform a new installation (i.e. over), so your progress (saving) will not be affected.

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  1. Idriss
    Idriss20 December 2022 16:33Reply Cite
    I want robux unlimited
  2. ANAQI
    ANAQI27 September 2022 11:45Reply Cite
  3. Бебра Бебрович
    Бебра Бебрович29 July 2022 07:57Reply Cite
    Игра робллкс
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