Zank Remote Premium v18.5 MOD APK (Unlocked FULL version)

Zank Remote Premium
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Latest Version: 18.5
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
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Zank Remote Premium - The best app for android, which is needed for easy control of TV and TV Box, using your smartphone and Wi-Fi connection. So we have a full-fledged remote control with great functionality, which is much more convenient than the standard ones.

Using your phone you can activate a very cool option "air mouse", make movements with your phone and the cursor on the TV will repeat all your actions. There's also a full keyboard, smart navigation, file transfer, screen on and off, and volume control.

To work you will need to set up and connect your devices once, to do this install the utility on the smart and the TV and then following the embedded video instructions perform the necessary steps. There are many useful options in the options, where you can achieve the necessary accuracy of the cursor movement, change its speed, test voice search and so on.

Zank Remote Premium

Download Zank Remote Premium MOD APK for android

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