Hello Neighbor v1.0 b507 MOD APK (Full Game)

Hello Neighbor
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Latest Version: 1.0 b507
Requirements: Android 7.0 and up
Category: Action and Shooters
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Hello Neighbor (Full Game) - Incredibly interesting game for android, which is made in the genre of horror with complex puzzles and riddles, where you have to find out the terrible secret of your neighbor. Our protagonist has recently moved to a new house and immediately noticed that the neighbor across the street is locking an unknown man in his basement. Without thinking twice the character decides to sneak into the house and find out what is happening there.

But it won't be easy at all, because there are various traps set throughout the house that you need to defuse. Act carefully, think through every step, because if you are detected, you will be caught, so you will have to start the game again. It is noteworthy that each time you have to act according to a different plan. Our opponent has an artificial intelligence and instantly responds to all your actions.

That is, if the first time you have got through the window, the second time there will be a trap, so you will have to find another way and so on each time. The house to enter has a huge number of rooms and each room has a number of complex puzzles. Look for useful items and devices, use them in different situations.

Hello Neighbor

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  1. Маша
    Маша22 September 2022 16:45Reply Cite
    Топ) классно ещё не пробовал но ладно

    Ещё не пробовал игру, но кажется что класс
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