Duskwood v1.10.4 MOD APK (Menu: Unlocked Premium | Free Shopping)

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Latest Version: 1.10.4
Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
Category: Adventure and RPG
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Duskwood MOD (Menu: Unlocked Premium | Free Shopping) APK - An interesting detective quest with puzzle elements, made in text form, in the form of a chat between characters with interactive inserts, starring real actors. Here you'll have to rack your brains to unravel a complicated story that happened in the small town of Duskwood, over the course of several fascinating seasons.

The story begins when a girl named Hannah goes missing without a trace. For three days, she hasn't been in touch and no one knows her current location. But recently, a message arrives in a group chat room of friends from her cell phone, with only one entry with your phone number. So you join the investigation and gradually learn useful facts and secrets about the missing girl and her friends.

Correctly conduct correspondence, thoughtfully answer the messages, because your answers will develop the plot. Find evidence, stealthily read other people's correspondence and don't get caught by the criminals. Protect all the characters, find out useful information from each of them, in order to unravel this interesting and very complicated situation.


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- Free purchases with insufficient credits

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