The Sun: Origin v2.2.4 MOD APK (Menu: Unlimited Money | Endless ammo)

The Sun: Origin
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Latest Version: 2.2.4
Requirements: Android 5.1 and up
Category: Action and Shooters
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The Sun: Origin MOD (Menu: Unlimited Money | Endless ammo) APK - An excellent action game, which in its gameplay and atmosphere resembles the familiar Stalker. For a long time, a group of scientists have tried to warn the stubborn government that the earth is no accident began to occur strange cataclysms. They convened forums and scientific conferences in the hope that they would be heard and people would be able to hide from the impending disaster.

It was a very difficult time, where chaos and hunger dictated its laws, any food was worth its weight in gold. After a while, the people got out from under the earth and gradually began to establish their lives. And in one of the families was born and raised Crow - a quick guy for whom we have to play. The gameplay is interesting, you will have to explore the territories, find different provisions, collect different items and try to survive in the harsh radioactive world.

Along the way you will encounter anomalous zones with high radiation, which can instantly kill. Also the danger is posed by mutated animals with humans, they roam the earth and are just waiting to eat living flesh. Try to overcome all these trials and survive to the envy of all.

The Sun: Origin

Download The Sun: Origin MOD APK for android

- Unlimited money
- Endurance does not decrease
- Endless ammo
- Maximum weight
- Immortality
- You are not damaged

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