Among Us v2022.12.14 MOD APK (Unlocked All Skins, Pets, Hats)

Among Us
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Latest Version: 2022.12.14
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
Category: Action and Shooters
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Among Us MOD (Unlocked All Skins, Pets, Hats) APK - The game is a fascinating online action, gameplay is very similar to the famous "Mafia", but the action will take place on a spaceship. You will compete either with your friends or with other gamers from around the world, the team may consist of four to ten people.

The essence of the gameplay is as follows: assembling a team between the players distributed roles, someone will be a good character, and someone a traitor. All this is kept secret from each other.

The purpose of the first to find and neutralize the traitor, and not letting him destroy your team members. The latter, in turn, will try not to behave suspiciously, to gain credibility and, at the same time, sneaky and try to quietly kill opponents. Confer, suspect one of the players of treason and decide his fate by voting.

Among Us

Download Among Us MOD APK for android

– Unlock All Skins
– Unlock All Pets
– Unlock All Hats
– Godmode
– See Hidden on Map
– Open Closed Places
– Player Bug Task Event
– Teleport
– No Sabotage Cooldown
– Remove All Task

Before you install the game, go to the game's Play Market page and set it to download. Once the download percentage appears, cancel the download and install the game from the site. If you don't, you will only see a black screen after starting the game!

1) To install the full version of the game or mod need to download the APK through a browser, preferably using Google Chrome or another similar, because through the standard android browser download does not happen. Once downloaded, the file will be fixed in the notification bar, as well as saved in the Download folder of your device. Then a simple tap on the downloaded file will install it.

2) If you first install applications Among Us (Unlocked All Skins, Pets, Hats) not from Google Play (but with a file manager or browser), you must give permission to install from unknown sources.

3) To update you download the latest version from the site and without deleting the old version perform a new installation (i.e. over), so your progress (saving) will not be affected.

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