Clash of Clans v15.292.17 MOD APK (Private Server: Unlimited Money)

Clash of Clans
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Latest Version: 15.292.17
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Category: Strategies
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Clash of Clans MOD (Private Server: Unlimited Money) APK - An online strategy game played by millions of people from around the world. The player has to build his settlement, constantly improve it, erect new buildings for the production of resources, defense and training of troops. For all this you need a lot of diamonds, which is not easy to earn, but having a private server from the player will open up many opportunities.

Gradually you will be able to develop to a larger size, your base will be strengthened, and in the barracks will appear powerful soldiers, ready for constant raids on foreign territories. Seize other gamers' lands and take away their resources. The main thing to think and plan your attacks, combine spells, powerful heroes and warriors.

Also, do not forget to defend, because if you leave the village with your army, it will become a tidbit for enemies who will attack it. Always be on your guard and keep a reserve army.

Clash of Clans

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