Brawl Stars v48.326 MOD APK (Private Server: Unlimited Money, Gems and Tickets)

Brawl Stars
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Latest Version: 48.326
Requirements: Android 7.0 and up
Category: Action and Shooters
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Brawl Stars MOD (Private Server: Unlimited Money, Gems and Tickets) APK - Explosive, multiplayer action from the creators of the legendary Clash of Clans in which you have to compete with other players, teams of 3 on 3. You can play solo or with friends in several unique modes, lasting up to 3 minutes.

Choose a hero from the many presented, (each has its own unique characteristics, weapons and skill set), set it up for yourself and go to the arena to beat the opposing team. For victories you'll get experience, crystals and money for which you can improve your character, increasing his effectiveness in battle.

There are a total of six modes in the game and each one is interesting to the point of insanity. For example, you have to fight your enemies, collect a certain amount of crystals, which must be kept until the end of the battle. Or you have to survive by destroying your opponent (battle royale) and so on.

Brawl Stars

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