Yandex Music v2023.02.3 MOD APK (Plus Unlocked)

Yandex Music
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Latest Version: 2023.02.3
Requirements: Android 7.0 and up
Category: Multimedia
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Yandex Music MOD (Plus Unlocked) APK - Music streaming service will allow you to listen to any existing world music tracks using your android phone or tablet without restrictions. In the full version with additional premium features the user will have free access to a huge archive of music files that you can not only listen online in the highest quality HQ, but also download to your mobile device.

To be able to fully use the program you need to register in it, if your country does not pass registration, use any vpn-service. Then, using neural network technology, Yandex Music will select quality playlists based on your preferences.

All the music files are sorted by year and genre, so you can find songs for every day and for different moods. In addition, the function of listening to radio stations from all over the world, with the ability to rewind, is available. Even podcasts, audiobooks and bedtime stories are no problem, you'll find everything.

Yandex Music

Download Yandex Music MOD APK for android

- Just disable Volume Normalization in Mod Settings if smth gonna wrong

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