60 Parsecs! v1.2.1 MOD APK (Full Game)

60 Parsecs!
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Latest Version: 1.2.1
Requirements: Android 5.1 and up
Category: Adventure and RPG
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60 Parsecs! (Full Game) - An adventure game with black humor, which takes place on a space station. During one minute a nuclear missile crashes into the station, your task is exactly for sixty seconds to explore the territory, collect the necessary supplies and save the members of your crew. Everything you find should be sent to the rescue capsule and quickly evacuated.

In this game you need to show your strategic skills, because your life will depend on what you take with you. Also intelligently choose the guys that you save, each of them has their own skills and knowledge. In the capsule distribute tasks between the rescued, properly distribute provisions, and when the time comes difficult make difficult decisions.

Make forays into space, collect resources there and create items needed for life from them. Keep an eye on the emotional state of the crew, make them happy, so the chance that you will be killed is reduced. Each mission in the game 60 parsec on android will be unique, the rooms of the station are randomly generated, so all the time you have to come up with a new plan and strategy.

60 Parsecs!

Download 60 Parsecs! MOD APK for android

1) To install the full version of the game or mod need to download the APK through a browser, preferably using Google Chrome or another similar, because through the standard android browser download does not happen. Once downloaded, the file will be fixed in the notification bar, as well as saved in the Download folder of your device. Then a simple tap on the downloaded file will install it.

2) If you first install applications 60 Parsecs! (Full Game) not from Google Play (but with a file manager or browser), you must give permission to install from unknown sources.

3) To update you download the latest version from the site and without deleting the old version perform a new installation (i.e. over), so your progress (saving) will not be affected.

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