Machinarium v3.1.4 MOD APK (Full Game)

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Latest Version: 3.1.4
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Category: Adventure and RPG
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Machinarium (Full Game) - A masterpiece among the android quests in which you will not just look for objects and follow the plot, but very carefully explore the game world and solve situational puzzles and riddles. The game also stands out for its amazing design, made in a mechanical style. We play as the robot Josef, he lives in a certain city, which is populated by similar creatures, and tons of scrap metal, broken devices, and gadgets are scattered around.

His place of residence inhabited by enemies of the faction of robo-villains, they kidnapped the beloved of our hero, and also planted a bomb in the town and threaten to blow everything up. You need to deal with the whole affair, look for your girlfriend and disarm the bomb, punish the enemies. Solve tricky puzzles, look around the locations and find items there. Use them in different situations to advance further. Each task is incredible, requiring wit and logical thinking to solve.

The difficulty is added by the fact that there is no text and hints in the game, you will have to guess everything yourself, but sometimes there will be some notes that will help you to make the decision.


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