Weather & Radar Pro v2022.17 MOD APK (Unlocked FULL version)

Weather & Radar Pro
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Latest Version: 2022.17
Requirements: Android 6.0 and up
Category: Internet
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Weather & Radar Pro - Application for accurate and most informative display of weather data. Thanks to this program you will always be ready for any surprises that nature has in store for you. Be aware of whether the sun is shining, rain or thunderstorms, strong winds and prepare in advance so that bad weather does not catch you unawares.

Weather & Radar Pro android gives you a free and accurate forecast at the moment, both in your region and in any other city you choose in the settings. Download weather and always know the data provided for one, seven or fourteen days, while showing the current air temperature, the probability and duration of precipitation, wind direction and strength, humidity, pressure, air quality and sunrise and sunset times.

On the so called "radar" you can see in real time where it is drizzling rain, snowing or hailing, how clouds are above the ground and how the sun is shining. For convenience, there are great widgets with different sizes and displayed data, customize them to your liking and add them to your desktop.

Weather & Radar Pro

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