Minecraft v1.19.22.01 | MOD APK (Menu: Immortality)

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Minecraft MOD (Menu: Immortality) APK - The famous sandbox game for all ages, where you have to build and survive in a limitless, cubic, three-dimensional world. Game locations here consist entirely of cubes, the player controlling the character can interact with them to build all kinds of buildings, household items, things, weapons, and anything else you want, there are no limits, only your imagination.

For gameplay in Minecraft there are two main modes available, creative and survival. In one, there are no enemies, there is tranquility, your hero can not die, and all the necessary resources are unlimited, they must be used for crafting and construction. In the other you have to work and create everything from scratch, from simple weapons to luxurious castles.

Here in the daytime you need to build defensive and residential buildings, collect materials. You can hunt pigs and sheep and get food. At night spiders, dead men, skeletons and other hostile creatures are active. You need to hide and defend from them, otherwise you'll simply die. Try to hold out as long as possible.


Download Minecraft MOD APK for android

- Menu: Immortality
- Removed license check
- Working character editor with all unlocked features (skins are not saved after exiting the game)

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