Dynamic Island Pro v8.1 MOD APK (Unlocked FULL version)

Dynamic Island Pro
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Latest Version: 8.1
Requirements: Android 7.0 and up
Category: Tools
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Dynamic Island Pro - An app that will make the notification curtain look like iPhone 14.

Just recently came out the new iPhone with an updated operating system, which appeared very many useful features. And one of them you can use on your android device. We're talking about a cool island at the top of the screen, which will give you access to notifications in a small Dynamic Island window.

After installing the program, you'll need to give it permissions to use notifications from certain programs and games. After that, a handy window will appear around the selfie camera. While there are no notifications, by default the battery charge will be shown, and when there is a notification from any program, its icon will be displayed. Tap on it to access the full message. Using the settings, you can perfectly match the size of the island, its location, color, and more.

Dynamic Island Pro

Download Dynamic Island Pro MOD APK for android

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