Dysmantle v1.0.4.24 MOD APK (Menu: Free Craft and Upgrade | Immortality | Full Game)

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Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
Category: Adventure and RPG
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Dysmantle MOD (Menu: Free Craft and Upgrade | Immortality | Full Game) APK - Offline RPG with an open, hand-created game world in which the player has to survive the post-apocalyptic world. There is a catastrophe on earth, you manage to hide from it in an underground bunker. After several years our hero decides to get to the surface, but he meets a deserted world filled with dangers, zombies and other monsters.

Find a way to survive in such difficult conditions. Start building a shelter, and to do so, explore the locations, collect resources and other useful items. Build weapons and tools you need to survive with items, make your own food and find water. Prepare the soil for the vegetable garden and grow different crops there, build a livestock farm and so on.

As you progress the level of the character will increase, open up new opportunities to pump skills and more. Solve interesting puzzles, explore ancient ruins and gain access to lost technology that will help fight enemies and mutant creatures.


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