Camscanner Premium v6.31.0.2212070000 MOD APK (Unlocked Gold features)

Camscanner Premium
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Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
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Camscanner Premium - The best app for quick document scanning with your camera.

The program is capable of turning your mobile device into a smart handheld scanner with which you can quickly scan any documents or text files and then save them in one of the required formats, such as Word, PDF, JPG or TXT. Besides, it has a built-in OCR functionality, which makes it possible to recognize text for further editing.

The utility will be very useful for businessmen, lawyers, students, school students, accountants and other users dealing with paperwork. Scan receipts, books, contracts, homework, ID-documents and more, save them to your android gadgets, and then process and edit them to suit your needs. Send scans to messengers or emails.

Camscanner Premium

Download Camscanner Premium MOD APK for android

- Gold features unlocked (except all credit based functions and 10GB cloud space)

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